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Best in Class by Jessica Lively (discussion leader).

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*The essay is moslty Logos because Talbot gave examples, specific details, stats of her data, and testimonies from students.

*Talbot's tone in this essay is against having more than one valedictorian because she believes performing by the rules only leaves one person left out of all that tried, and she also stated in the text " it is sad to abolish the tradition of having one valedictorian and faintly ridiculous to honor too large of a group of valedictorians. "

* Talbot's writing strategy is a rhetorical one because she talks about how most valedictorians are chosen and the after effects it has. She gets the effects by talking and collecting information from students who've been in that position.


1. "From the text, does the author think that both the valedictorian AND the parents have the same views?"

Answer: Not really because to the students it's a big deal and when the students don't meet the certain criterias, the parents get mad. They react very serious about it like for example, the school's principals stated many parents call to talk to them about why their child wasn't selected as the valedictorian.
The students are very serious about their grade's and GPA's, the competition is fierce, for example, Bird's lawyer stated, " Going in, the other girl had a GPA of 4.46885 and Sarah had 4.46731--so that was a difference of .00154, the calculations were redone and Sarah came out with a GPA of 4.47647." The school board granted Bird's request. If they didn't grant the request, Bird's lawyer was prepared to go ahead with a lawsuit.

2. Why does Talbot rely so much on interviews with the student's?

Answer: She does so to prove and strongly support her argument and she trys to convince people to be on her side and to show whatever she is actually trying to prove is true.